In today’s fast-paced information-driven society, computers (in all their many forms) have become an integral part of everyday life. With the passing of each day, professional and personal interactions are conducted by more and more persons, while on the go. The hype in demand for mobility and versatility has basically instigated the development of various devices to meet diverse needs of users and issues pertaining to portability. The wireless keyboard is among one of these devices.


A quality keyboard should offer the freedom and range of operation to roam at least 30 feet away from the computer. You should look for 2.4 GHz RF connectivity which promises to eliminate dropouts, delays and interference. Both solar-powered or battery-powered keyboards are available. However, most have an automatic sleep mode in addition to on/off switch for saving battery life and a battery level indicator. It is better to seek for media hot keys or programmable F keys therefore allowing one-touch access to media and internet applications.


A wireless keyboard can guarantee cleaner work space along with versatility and mobility. You should try buying a keyboard that allows you to connect to your living room TV one day and also give you ample control over your high-level meeting presentation. A slim, sleek, and streamlined keyboard will not only complement your modern office décor, but also likely to make a good impression in your home.

Help & Support

The best wireless keyboards are generally compatible with a wide range of operating systems. You should prefer one with at least a three-year warranty and technical support that can be accessed online and by phone.

Having and using an easy-to-connect, with reliable wireless connectivity can liberate and enhance your at-work style. It will certainly ordinate with your on-the-go mobile lifestyle. As there are several wireless keyboards available on the market, each with a different blend of characteristics and design elements, finding one that suffices your needs can be a hard job.

Microsoft 6000


This is a dual-platform wireless keyboard that features a curved design and low-profile, light-touch keys for optimal ergonomic comfort.


F keys have been rearranged and stamped with icons instead of F numbers and take some getting accustomed to it. It also has a comparatively short battery life.

While makers of wireless keyboards obviously put their focus on giving the user the freedom to work or play away from his desk, they are smart to include other attractive features as well. Well, in this health-conscious age, one may think that ergonomics more or less dictate the design of the best wireless keyboards. However, the fact is that we could find just a few that were created with hand health as a primary consideration. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 is one of these. Although its battery life is one of the lowest, however, we felt we could overlook the inconvenience of swapping out two AAs every six months after considering its many virtues. From its compelling feature perfect for its style-conscious design, it strives to deliver a comfortable typing experience and earns our Top Ten REVIEWS Bronze Award.

PC Remote Control

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It took decades to perfect the TV remote controls that we are using today. Manufacturers and researchers for TV remote controls were having difficulty especially with the interconnection of the television with the remote control.

Today, TV remote controls are used by everyone and it always comes with a television set. The same concept from TV remote controls was adapted to come up with PC Remote Controls. The main idea is to have a user have an access to his or her PC without the need to be in front of the PC to work. However, unlike TV remote controls, the challenge for creating and developing PC Remote Controls is to give the users the access that he or she does not have when far away from the PC. TV remote controls can only be used for a certain distance but PC Remote Controls can access providers even when the user and the computer are miles and miles away. In order for a PC Remote Control to work, it needs an internet.

Since PC Remote Controls are not included in the purchase of majority of PC sets, a user who wants to use one has to buy it separately, have it checked for compatibility, and have it installed. Since there are different PC Remote Controls, the features must be checked to fit the criteria set by the user of his or her own idea of a working PC Remote Control.

Infrared remote controls can be used to control a PC and its existing applications. Most PC based home theatre systems are controlled by remote controls for the same purpose that TV remote controls are used – for accessibility, flexibility, and easy way of giving command for the applications. Having a PC remote control gives one access to the computer, its files, and applications as well as makes use of the computer without the presence of the computer itself.

Most PC Remote Controls have the features or has features that must be present for it to serve its purpose. Some of these features include, but not limited to, ease of use, remote access, and sharing tools and security.

There are still few PC Remote Controls in the market and, unlike the TV remote controls, PC Remote Controls varies from one another from the simple connection of the remote control through infrared to the computer to the PC. Here are a few things to check:

• First, a PC Remote Control must have ease of use or, in other words, it must be user friendly and can be installed as easy as installing a game application. The absence of ease of use for a PC Remote Control will defeat the purpose of it being a tool to make the user have an easy access through a remote control.

• Second, a PC Remote Control must provide remote access for every user. A remote control that can give as much access to the PC even at a long distance range will be better.

• Third, a PC Remote Control that can have the ability of sharing from one PC to the other or other communication tools is a bonus. The presence of a sharing tool for a PC Remote Control will enable the user to work on his or her PC without the need to personally do it in front of the PC.

• And lastly, having a secured PC Remote Control should be of priority when buying or choosing one because PCs contain documents and files that can be confidential thereby it is important to check the security or the insurance that these files and documents will remain in the PC and not stored or moved somewhere when a transfer or access has been done through the PC Remote Control.

Being a mindful user or buyer means you need to really check on these things before leaving the counter or before providing your payment details online if you are purchasing online.


The Latest Tomb Raider is Coming!

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Tomb Raider 2013 is due to be released on the 5th of March and everybodyis so keen to give it a shot. It would be interesting to know the characters of Tomb Raider 2013 and understand the tale behind it too in order that once you play it, you’ll experience being the hero in the game trying to survive and solve a situation that the character would not have expected to happen right after the shipwreck.


The personalities in this game is Lara Croft, a young woman who just finished studying from college and is prepared to take on her first assignment in searching for missingremains, and the other one is Captain Conrad Roth, the captain of the vessel called Endurance that Lara Croft embarked on which was destroyed before it hit shore.

A Glance at the Tale Behind Tomb Raider

Following the shipwreck, Lara and the other
revived passengers were swept to the coast of an isolated atoll called the Dragons Triangle. Because it’s a remote atoll, rescueis not possible. Therefore, to be able to survive, Lara Croft needs to search for food and water. During the process, she has to fight off wild creatures that inhabit the island and that endanger her every step of the way.

croft tomb

From a kind, soft-hearted woman, Lara Croft transformed into a hard killer, a warrior created and formed by experience.

She has 3 missions that she has to complete in that isle: fend for her continued existence, search for other passengers, and find out who is on the plan to liquidate her and her friends in the island and know their motives.

So get yourselves ready to ride the tide and experience the journey that only Tomb Raider 2013 game can make you experience.

Inspiration behind the Latest Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 2013 is console-specific as stated by director Karl Stewart when he was questioned if this game will be offered for Nintendo’s. He explains further that they build Tomb Raider for Nintendo platforms, they will build Tomb Raider very distinctively with unique features suited for this particular device.

There are so much work going on before the latest Tomb Raider came into existence. Starting from the animation to the dubbing talents, they were all given fair attention. The graphics has been said to be similar to the Tomb Raider: Underworld version which has been an excellent one. In voice talents, 2 of the voice casters (actresses) are bound toplay different roles. Keeley Hawes has been portraying the voice of Lara Croft in the past years on the previous Tomb Raider game collection.

This time, Camilla Luddington will do the honor of dubbing the voice of Lara Croft using the English while Nadine Njeim will play the role of Lara Croft using Arabic.

These and many other imaginative advancements on Tomb Raider make it worth the play. Enthusiasts or not, try the game and share the experience whether good or bad. Your opinion will be respected.


The Crysis series has always been one of the benchmarks in terms of graphics and your computer hardware. But aside from the visual aspect, Crysis has introduced a few thrilling gameangles and ideas into the gaming world and gamers on PC,Xbox and the Playstation 3 have experienced the fun of the first two Crysis games. At the moment Crysis 3 is coming along and from what we know of the game till now it looks like a mix of the first two sequels.

crysis 3

Crysis 3 is based in post-apocalyptic New York during the year 2047 with forests and marshes thrown in for a good reason. The environments vary in this instance rather than the strict urban jungle of the previous Crysis sequel. And the amalgamation of the former two titles seems to be a good sign by creators Crytek. Although the settings maybe a bit memorable to veteran Crysis fans, the game itself will definitely clear things up.

At the moment a few gamersmay worry over design decisions but we think that Crytek did a good job in shaking things up and restructuring the game with set piece instances.

For example a fight that takes place in a grassy yard where you come face to face with Ceph Stalkers. In this collection piece you can’t fight these monsters so you will have to run for your life if you don’t want to be skinned alive. But at the end of the stage you’ll have passes to a tower which will make you into a huntsman instead of the hunted.

Speaking of the huntsman and one being sought-after, Crytek has created a new game approach called the Hunter. Based on the latest announcement of the Chief Executive Officer of Crytek Cevat Yerli the approach although being a multiplayer feature it is more simiar to a single player experience. And that is what Crytek have been aiming at according to Yerli.

“We don’t like it to be, ‘Here’s the single player, now after you’re finished with single-player just jump into multiplayer’, [something] that everyone is practicing for a while ,since Crysis 2,” he stated. “We aimed to provide a few new modes, and also offer something that you can migrate to quickly.”

As for harmonizing it to the single player mode Yerli continues to project a scenario wherein all but one CELL warrior is left and all others has become the Huntsmen. This is the moment when things get interesting and the last person left has to survive and take the Hunters down. The Hunters will try and chase the last fighter by using tactics akin to AI maneuvers.

“Once there’s one guy surviving, he’s justincredible. That reward is as special and as cinematic as possible,” according to Yerli. “So it’s the most one player-esque rich, or accurate multiplayer gameplay possible, whether you are playing as the Hunter or the CELLsoldiers.”

He added that this is something really separates Crysis 3 from other shooters and that this multiplayer/single mode collision will always leave you with a different experience.

“Although you are shot,slayed and respawn, it’s enjoyable enough for you toplay again. In truly veteran, balanced multiplayer, there is a loser at the end of the day. Even if you respawn, or lose agame, you exhausted it. If you exhausted it many times, the similar experience will happen again. Through the Hunter mode you always get a different gameplay.”

Each of these qualities cause the Crysis 3 an tempting option. In addition to that graphics that will blow your big screen away and we have a mix that appears to be a sure fire hit. However nothing is for certain and we will have to stay put to see how everything form up when the game is at last out on February 21, 2013.


DS 3: Build Your Best Suited Weapon

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The ammunitions bench will play a big role in latest series to the Dead Space sequence. The bench is always in the game since the first installment, basically the bench is utilized to upgrade on hand weapons in DS and Dead Space 2.

But in Dead Space 3, the bench is always entirely restored from the basic up, you will not only improve your existing weapons, but you can actually build weapons from scratch. Because of this new exciting ammunition attribute in the game, avid followers as well as new ones will be extremely thrilled to get their hands on this game.

ds3 review

The Bench 1.0

The Bench is an object in the game that is located at several places during each instance. During the first sequel of DS; upgrades were made by putting Power Nodes to a particular branch of the upgrade tree that gamers would like to get.

Back then, the bench was limiting a players’ option of improvements to achieve since there must be an existing Power Node nearby the new skill that gamers want to get .

Next Bench

Because of the current bench players can also select from personalizing an on hand ammunition or creating a weapon starting from zero. Choose a border, an upper tool, an upper adaptor, a second-rate tool, a lower adaptor and 2 attachments for your ammunition from a wide variety of parts. Each ammunition has a primary fire mode and a minor optional fire mode. Do you want a flamethrower that fires up buzz-saws as well? You can do that. Do you want to shoot blazing bullets and smash Necromorphs with a combat enhancement using a single weapon? Yes, it’s true. Or why not make a sub-machinegun alongside a shotgun underneath? This has been made possible by the new and improved weapons bench. Finally, the dream of Dead Space fanatics has come true! Finally, through the new bench gamers can also share their crafted weapons to co-op buddies.

Gun Customization / Bringing Resources Together

There are tons of components and objects to be collected; varying amalgamation will lead to different weapons each having its own unique performance. Resources used for upgrades and ammo personalization is available within the game, in boxes and deceased opponents as well. This will provide the players a good reason to want to cultivate for components and stuff from enemies instead of rushing through at every point just to finish the game.

Mini trans
This new addition of the game is unanticipated, though not completely surpising. Typically, you will see components and stuffs by simply progressing in the game and exploring every spot. Sending out hunter bots is a different choice to get components and objects used for crafting and customizing weapons. Once one of the options sound like too much work, the store within the game promises a third and quicker way.

Micro transactions, this enables you to spend less time by buying weapon upgrades and certain weapon parts using in-game currency. By purchasing in-game currency using real money you can purchase materials and components from the game’s market place online. The advantage on this feature of DS3 is the thought that hunter bots can also give you the in-game money that you can spend on that very marketplace. However expect that the chance of getting in-game currency by means of scavenger bots is not that high. At any rate this feature of the game is not obligatory; even if you use the money on buying all the resources and parts available, certain parts can only be unlocked as you progress through the game. The cost of such resources and parts hasn’t been announced yet although it is expected that numerous bundles will be up for grabs.

Overall, because of the new bench, infinite potentials and combinations for customization; DS 3 nearly puts the whole command to the character. And the thought that this game is a sequel to two of the most remarkable games available out in the market, any gamer will be excited and anticipate playing this game. DS 3 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on February 5, 2013 in the US.


FC3 peaks its predecessors

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The highly anticipated sequel to 2008’s Far Cry 2 appears to upsurge on the successes of its predecessors while introducing new game modes for multiplayer, especially with the release of a new trailer detailing some of the new features.

Far Cry 3’s new trailer seems to have no news on if the traditional deathmatch mode is going to take place. Instead, it points us to two new modes that looks goal based.

Firstly, what they demonstrated was the new multiplayer mode called Firestorm. Apparently, the plain firefightwas recreated with shocking surprisesrequiring you to simultaneously set fire to two enemy points and then proceed to a certain radio transmitter. And that fire you startedturns the dynamic environment into ash and leaves obstructions and would probably burn you if you stood in it too long.

On the other hand, the next game modethey showed was Transmission, which seems to be a point-based kind of game, but in place of points, you have radio transmitters. Frantically shoot at each other until you can acquire the point they are protectingseems to be the case.

At this point, theteaser has only raised the expectations for these two new game modes and divulged more news on the airdrops and the battle cries which were portrayed in gameplay trailerswhen this year has just started. But that hasn’t been the only news concerning multiplayer.

Nevertheless, a few days before the trailer was released, an official announcement from Ubisoft was released that that the insufficiency of dedicated servers is very possible for Far Cry 3’s multiplayer. Onto the Ubisoft forums, Community Manager MSV-Vextor explained how “The online experience does not support dedicated servers.” Other usersresponded that it was going to kill the PC community that, he responded with the following:

This implies that Far Cry 3 will be the newest of a possibly growing line of games that lack dedicated servers, and instead use P2P hosting, which has had problems with lagdue to the international nature of multiplayer gaming and varying internet connection speeds of the players.

Games like last years Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and Modern Warfare 3, and 2012’s Mass Effect 3 make use of P2P hosting with diverse outcomes. Far Cry 3 might make even the most stoic Russian weep from lag when a player from South Africa hosts a game. The only benefit to this is that Far Cry 2’s problem of a hosting player leaving has been resolved, as the game simply moves the host to another player.

However, this close to the release date, this is sad newsregardless of the teaser. It’s worthless to use a barrel bomb or those nice guns into a person who has shifted two seconds ago, killed you, before you even realize it. Let’s hope that Ubisoft reconsiders their decision to not include dedicated servers anytime soon.

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With Christmas arriving just around the corner, Ubisoft is adding more color to gamers’ wish list through the upcoming release of Far Cry 3. Players who have been around for some time will recognize Long way away as hands-down one of the best third person shooters ever. The thrilling action combined with the captivating storyline in the original storyline has conquered million of hearts since its release – this time it is back with stunning new graphics along with a much enhanced storyline.

It takes more than just eye-candy to create a good game though. For FC3 to become a success, developers have to correct everything they did wrong in the earlier game. FC2 was a major disappointment – much credit that goes to an average storyline and lots of user-unfriendly mechanics. Great news is Ubisoft informs us that FC3 will have “at least ten times bigger storyline”. There’s word around the stealth system has been completely reworked and few RPG-style elements continues to be added (exp style gain levels and possible talent trees). Playing the demo confirmed us of two new features: players will be able to shoot from behind objects in crouch-mode, along with the ability of performing melee “takedowns”.


There are of course addictive personalities,

there are also teenagers, either which can be interchangeable in some of their behaviours at times, but overall the signs and symptoms seem to be exactly the same. Take away their favourite toy (in this case, a game) and you end up with a grumpy grunting personality that doesn’t seem thinking about doing much of anything.

Christmas should be a hard time for addictive personalities, and gamers in particular. Like people who like to drink too much, walking into a bottle-shop, the months prior to Christmas in many cases are filled with new game releases, as companies try to target that lucrative Christmas retail time. There is lots of profit, there is a lot of interest, and when the economy is especially fragile, then this period become more important to businesses.

So what game is the one that suits you, or your teenager, the best? Well this will depend on what you like, obviously, but chances are it involves shooting, blood, gore, and general destruction. Black Ops 2 would be the winner there, providing some multi player mayhem, lots of explosions, new toys and in all likelihood endless frustration. Maybe even.. Grumpiness!

Be sure to read great reviews concerning the game that you select, for you or perhaps your loved one, and look for detail, pictures, take a look at some videos and merely get a feel for the game – even before some of these games are released there is often plenty of information available, whether from the game maker themselves or from various leaked sources.

Playing games is very relaxing in the best frame of mind. Yes they can take concentration and frequently skill, but switching off from all things that are bothering us within our day to day life can be quite a relief, no matter if they are small troubles, or big problems. It will help to just take a rest, relax and ease your mind.

Do not underestimate the health advantages of doing offers – and merely unwinding. Have a load off, just relax and be taken on an outing – as being a good book, but a little more interactive, reading a book or playing a game title can just give you a few hours from the very mundane.


Are you upset about one thing? It may be a damaged relationship or dangerous exam outcomes or the lack of a job. Regardless of the reason on your unhappiness, there are so many issues you can do to counter your unhappiness and be cheerful. It might be something that you just like to do, that you are keen about or that provides you happiness. Happiness is an abstract term that does not imply the same to everyone. So, you have to discover your own place of happiness. These are few of the steps you may take and be happy.

Be Positive

Your future might seem bleak to you. Even, in case you feel that your life is about to end, do not hand over on your
positivity and optimism. Nothing works as a contemporary and confident mind. So, do no matter it takes to rejuvenate your thoughts and your life. Learn self help books that assist lots in gaining the confidence back and moving on with life, despite the losses and the heartbreak. Remember that no person’s life is ideal and everyone has to go through durations of ups and downs. So, shoo away all adverse thoughts and focus on what is coming next.

Take pleasure in your Pastime

Each particular person has some explicit subject that interests him/her. It differs, obviously. You may love painting or cooking or gardening. Reading a novel might provide you with pleasure or enjoying a video game may additionally excite you. Be sure to read the good news. So, like what you like doing finest and indulge in that. In the event you love portray, it does not matter whether or not you may really paint nicely or not, but do not miss the internal peace and happiness that comes while you spend time doing issues that gives you the kick, that makes you neglect all the unhealthy things that happened.

Some Common Concepts of Happiness

There are specific things which often give happiness to all people. One in all them is music. The non-public tastes might differ, like it’s possible you’ll like all sort of music from classical to rock n roll, from Punk to Heavy Metallic, from trance to enigma. The significance lies in listening to music of your selection and forgetting your unhappy thoughts. Equally, some people go loopy when they have the chance to shop. So buy groceries and store no matter you like- garments, shoes, jewellery in case you are a woman, music CD s etc. Shopping is a healing therapy that helps folks to neglect your pain at the very least for some time and really feel pampered and better. One other quite common choice, particularly for girls, is go and pamper themselves by visiting the sweetness salon. These are just among the few ways that may enable you to neglect your issues and cheer up. There are thousand different methods that you may try. You just have to ask yourself what is that one factor that may enliven your temper and make you laugh.

So, be pleased and cheerful, forget all of your worries and revel in life to the fullest.





best bets pic

Analysis, decision making, time, and knowledge. These are the primary things you should be concerning yourself with if you’re looking to make money on horse racing.

The sport of kings can truly be an expensive exercise and like all things that seem easy there is a wealth of information and skill needed to put yourself ahead of the game. I love an easy out, but does paying for that path make it a cop-out? I am a current subscriber at where I have subscribed to their expert horse racing tips.

My experience? Pretty spectacular!

Highly recommend you check out their results – they’re running at an amazing strike rate, and while not without their run of outs, they absolutely deliver as promised. Not the most expensive around, that’s for sure, but if you’re looking for a good go on Australian horse racing tips – absolutely give them a yell.

I had a few questions at first, and wasn’t sure if it was for me, so shot off an email to their support, and heard back pretty quickly, answered all my questions, so I gave it a go. Very friendly, very efficient, no mess no fuss.